So new, it doesn’t exist yet – Part 2 (except it does)

Have you ever had an idea that was bubbling away in the back of your mind for months, and then suddenly burst into life? Well, that’s what has happened here. And now, the programme ‘so new it doesn’t exist yet’ (see Part 1) has been created! It has a name; it has content; it has a heart and it has purpose.

But first, you must be curious to know if you would be a good fit, so…

Are you someone who once ran, and kicked, and rolled about, with heart filled with laughter, but it seems a distant memory? This programme will help you rediscover those feelings of fun and excitement.

Are you someone who has lost the feeling of magic that movement can bring; or someone who has fallen out of love with their body? This programme will help you feel comfortable and happy in your own skin.

Are you someone who has never known the feeling of absolute joy through movement, but wants to find out what the fuss is? This programme will not only point you in the right direction, it will show you the way.

This is where my two worlds collide (in an easy and relaxed manner). I take my knowledge of physical literacy (the reason why some people are active and some are not) and combine it with what I know to be true about how the mind works. The programme is an exploration of mind, body and soul with the explicit intention of helping the stuck to become free and the reluctant to become curious and adventurous.

A unique blend of coaching, mentoring and teaching initiates a journey of discovery, where you will see life differently and live life differently. Step-by-step you will begin to feel at home in your body, which is when well-being, health and happiness reveal themselves.

I’ll be launching the programme soon – watch out for further details, but hit the contact button below if you are intrigued and want to know more soon rather than later.

PS I almost forgot… The name of the programme is ‘Ready to Roll’

Photo credit: Pxfuel

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