So new it hasn’t been created yet – Part 3 (except it’s ready to roll)

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I described the thinking process, and rationale, behind creating a new project, a new way of serving my clients. In this episode, the last in the series, I share where my thinking is currently. As you will see, I reach a place where I am ready to launch this particular project into the wider world.

At the core of this new project is my aspiration to help individuals to experience and enjoy the ‘feel-good’ factor associated with being physically active. I want to help those for whom physical activity seems to create feelings of guilt, pressure, fear, and/or self-loathing, perhaps a result of issues such as negative past experiences, misunderstanding and lack of confidence. Everyone deserves to experience the joy (the feel-good factor) and the health benefits that physical activity provides, so if someone feels ready to explore their thoughts and feelings, then I’m ready to guide them on a journey of discovery on the basis that building confidence, one step at a time, is at the heart of everything I do.

People will know if they are a good fit for this project if:

  • They are someone who does not recognise himself or herself in the mirror and who hates how they look. I will create the conditions where these feelings fall away.
  • They are someone who feels somehow separated from their body. I will help them to begin feeling comfortable in their own skin.
  • They are someone who has no confidence in their body and who is genuinely anxious about beginning any type of exercise programme. I will help them to learn to know, like and trust him or herself.
  • They are someone who has never found the joy and connection that movement, exercise and physical activity, can provide. I will not only point them in the right direction, but I will also show them the way.

The outcomes of participating in this project, will include:

  • An understanding of why some people are physically active and some are not
  • An understanding of why physical activity has been hard until now
  • Finding the motivation to become physically active
  • Knowing what action to take
  • Beginning to feel comfortable in one’s body
  • Improved wellbeing … Improved physical health … Improved confidence
  • Discovering enjoyment of exercise in an easy and relaxed way

The process I will take my clients through is an exploration of mind, body and soul. It is not a boot camp, it is not a physical training commitment, it is not soul-searching / chest beating / heart-wrenching psychological torture!

Instead, we (just the individual client and me) will explore the fresh new world that exists when we blend the fascinating concept of physical literacy with an understanding of how our mind works and an appreciation of who we really are.

Delivered as a one-to-one experience via regular Zoom calls, this project will nurture each person as an individual. Nobody else matters. I will be creating a space where the individual can speak their mind and share their thoughts in a safe and caring environment. A space where they can discover a new way of thinking about their self and their body. A space where they can discover the enjoyment and the feel-good factor in being active, even if it has eluded them thus far.

The project, Ready to Roll, will be available shortly – check my Programmes page for further details.

The tricky aspect of allowing this new project to unfold, via these last three blog entries, was allowing myself to change my mind, to back track, and to adjust. In the end it all works out fine, because it was just me thinking out aloud and thoughts only have power when you take action. I have lots to say about that, but will save it for another time…

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