Liz Taplin Coaching

My name is Liz Taplin. I am a career coach helping teachers to thrive, either in the profession they trained for, or by supporting them as they seek a way to apply their talents and gifts in a career beyond the classroom.

In short, most of my clients are thinking of leaving the profession, but don’t necessarily want to! Which means we combine forces to address issues related to job-satisfaction, progression, and/or outright career change.

I support my clients as they look for the answers they are seeking and the results they crave. This might be discovering a way to enjoy their current teaching role, making their way up the career ladder, or finding a fulfilling career outside of teaching.

If you are stuck and not sure which way to turn… If you want to take action but are unsure how or where to start… If you want to make changes to what you do and the way you do it… then I invite you to work with me.

Click here to book a friendly, yet powerful, conversation to begin exploring your options. This is free and without obligation.

Unleashing Potential and Transforming Lives