About Liz

There is no greater privilege than serving others

  • I qualified as a teacher in 1977 and achieved a Master of Arts in 1999. I have held senior leadership roles in the school and university sectors and have received a number of awards for my teaching, mentoring and dedicated service.
  • In 2016, I established what has already become, a highly regarded coaching service, focusing on teachers and their careers. My credentials are built on a significant period of training with some of the world’s leading coaches alongside thirty-five years of experience as a teacher and mentor.
  • My clients are, in the main, teachers – past, present and future and I work with individuals, schools and other organisations across the United Kingdom and internationally. Some of my clients are former teachers, who now run their own businesses, or who work in the corporate world.
  • In addition to my private practice, I work closely with a number of charitable and/or voluntary organisations. The International Physical Literacy Association, Embercombe and iheart are particularly important to me.
  • I continue to invest in my own professional development by engaging in advanced training and research. As well as coaching, I speak at workshops and conferences and run courses. I am still actively involved in education through my connections with teacher training and my interest in teacher well-being.
  • The varied experiences and insights I have had whilst coaching, teaching and lecturing have shaped my ability to listen, to probe and to draw out the best from people. These same experiences have shown me that there is no greater privilege than serving others.

“Liz has a calm, can-do attitude and boundless enthusiasm”

Unleashing Potential and Transforming Lives