These Q&As originate from genuine questions asked by prospective clients. My straightforward responses provide up to date news on key issues and provide further insight on how I view the world and the service I provide. Please feel free to join the conversation – ask any question you have via the contact box below or get in touch for a commitment-free conversation…

Why coaching?

Each one of us has potential beyond our imagination and we each have a unique set of strengths, gifts and responsibilities. Coaching helps identify these elements and creates the time and space to reflect on where we really want to go and how to get there. Coaching unleashes our potential and underpins our transformation.

What is your coaching style?

I use a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and teaching to create the conditions for insight – those light bulb moments delivering the clarity that inspire and empower us. I listen and I probe; I use gentle (and yet powerful) questioning and set appropriate challenges. The client feels safe and cared for. My trust in the absolute power of the human spirit underpins everything that I do.

Who do you coach?

The majority of my clients are teachers, or work within the education sector, but I welcome the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life. You will find some case studies on the next page and in my blog – these are clients who are happy to share the impact that coaching has had on them.

I’m thinking of leaving teaching, but struggling to make a decision. Can you help?

Yes, I can help. It is one of the most common issues I am asked to coach on. I understand the excitement, fear, guilt, bewilderment that is associated with the ‘Should I stay or should I go’ question. Click here to read one of the most powerful blogs I have written on this subject – powerful because helping teachers make this decision from a place of clarity is my number one priority. Some of my clients decide to stay in teaching because that’s what they want to do. Coaching helps them to find a way of working that allows them to flourish.

I’ve decided to leave teaching. Can you help?

Yes, I can help. My flagship programme will help you identify your transferable skills as well as your unique strengths. Time is spent considering your options and helping you understand what you want from your career change. Then the focus moves to securing your new job and transitioning into work you love.

How much does coaching cost?

It is difficult to give a precise answer because each coaching package is tailor-made for the individual. The process begins with a commitment-free conversation during which we get to know each other – this is when the client begins to experience the impact that coaching can have. Once we are clear on whether we want to work together, we develop a proposal and take things from there.

Unleashing Potential and Transforming Lives