Case Studies

The impact that coaching can have…

Building a legacy in retirement

Antoinette had recently made the decision to leave her salaried teaching role to become a full-time artist focusing on sculpturing in bronze. Whilst her creativity, skill and amazing talent were never in question, she wanted to gain clarity in respect of her identity and the direction she should take. We worked together on these aspects during a three month period, with Antoinette creating a powerful mission statement and developing the confidence to take her work to the next level.

Antoinette writes: Coaching with Liz has been an invaluable experience … It has helped me to begin my journey of ‘becoming’ and the support I’ve had from her cannot be overestimated.

Liz responds: I am in awe of Antoinette’s talent. I find myself just wanting to stare at the pure genius of her sculptures. The more I look, the more I see. Check out examples of her work on her website –

Moving from teaching to business

I met Paul, an exceptional physical education teacher based in Dubai, through my work as a Physical Literacy Champion. He wanted to set up his own business focusing on adopting a physical literacy approach to his work, but he had so many ideas he wasn’t sure which way to turn. During our sessions, Paul extended his understanding of physical literacy; developed clarity around his ideas and wrote a personal manifesto. From there, he began establishing his business which focuses on providing high quality playful movement experiences across the life course.

Paul writes: I first made contact with Liz whilst researching physical literacy, little did I know of her talents in coaching. That chance meeting led to Liz supporting me setting up my flagship business. Liz provided me direction, self-confidence and focus. She listened and inspired me to do what I’m doing today. Liz you are brilliant!

Liz responds: Paul’s enthusiasm is infectious. Spend a few minutes in his presence and you will want to run, skip and jump for the sheer joy of it.

Falling back in love with teaching

Joe is a primary school teacher who had an increasingly strong feeling that his future lay elsewhere. He wanted to move out of his comfort zone and to discover what he was here to do. I dared Joe to dream and he realised that he was keen set up his own business one day and to take a shot at becoming an Olympian! Joe has begun putting his business ideas down on paper and he has attended an Olympic ‘try out’ day. The coaching process also had an unexpected impact in that he fell back in love with his teaching role and he is excited about making a positive contribution to school life. Not bad for the first few sessions of working together…

Joe writes: Since starting sessions with Liz, I have become increasingly confident about my decision making. Liz has helped me identify what I want to achieve in my life and how I might plan to get there. I have a good idea of where my life is heading now, but I also appreciate that my goals might change with time. Working with Liz has meant that I am prepared for this. I look at life slightly differently now.

Liz responds: Our schools need more teachers like Joe. He has a burning desire to change children’s lives for the better and, in particular, is passionate about providing them with a high quality physical education.

Case Studies

Unleashing Potential and Transforming Lives