About You

Each one of us has potential beyond our imagination

  • You are a teacher and you value education. You want to make a difference. You see education at the heart of community. In a perfect world, teaching would be the perfect career…
  • But there’s something gnawing away at you. You are anxious, frustrated or fearful about the future – you certainly don’t want to carry on the way you are. Perhaps the work you are doing no longer feels right. You instinctively know you need to make a change. You need to make a decision and you need to take action…
  • You want to ensure the next step you take is the right one. You want to make progress; you want to enjoy work that you feel passionate about; you want to feel fulfilled.
  • If only someone would listen. If only someone could draw out the best in you. If only someone could help you unleash the potential you know is lurking under the surface
  • I work with people like you. I help teachers to thrive, either in the profession they trained for, or by supporting them as they seek a way to apply their talents and gifts in a career beyond the classroom.

“Liz helped me move from a state of confusion to one of clarity”

Unleashing Potential and Transforming Lives