Are you a teacher thinking of leaving the profession?

This is perhaps the most powerful mission statement I have written so far on my coaching journey, so I wanted to share here for all to see. And I really do feel ‘on a mission’ with this. It took one of those light bulb moments I talk about to see this work has been staring me in the face (and that I’ve been doing it throughout my career!). It focuses on the questions I so often get asked by my clients ‘What should I do with my life?’ and ‘What are my strengths, gifts and responsibilities and how best should I use them?’ All my years of teaching experience and my love of coaching combine effortlessly to make me well-placed to do this work. Here it goes…

A survey conducted by the National Education Union (2019) reported that 40% of the teaching workforce were planning to leave the profession within five years. The reasons given centred on ‘workload pressures and excessive accountability’ which we know can quickly trigger feelings of overwhelm, leading to unmanageable levels of stress. It is widely accepted that high levels of work-related stress impacts all aspects of our lives, a view underlined by the World Health Organisation when it declared that stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century.

Having been in the teaching profession for 30+ years, I have experienced the unprecedented increase in the demands placed on us. In my role as a senior lecturer in Initial Teacher Training, I have been in a unique position to support new and experienced teachers to navigate these challenging times. When my work in this field has developed into an ongoing coaching relationship, I have been able to support colleagues on their journey to becoming successful teachers enjoying their work, or as intrepid explorers moving into new ventures beyond the classroom. Based on this, I feel compelled to reach out and touch more colleagues gently on the shoulder to say ‘whatever you do, everything is going to be ok’.

Now, as a certified Clarity Coach using the inside-out principles as my guide, I have supercharged my coaching skills and want to help you navigate what seems to be a never-ending roller coaster of overwhelming twists and turns and nerve-wracking decisions. Working with me will provide you with the ability to think from a perspective of clarity, rather than from one of stress. When that happens, you can enjoy life to the full as the contented teacher you’ve dreamed of being, or in a new venture that makes you quiver with excitement. Either way, you will see life differently and live life differently.

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