Dare to Dream

One of the aspects I enjoy most about my work as a coach, is creating projects which allow me to serve my community. Dare to Dream is such a project. I describe Dare to Dream as a place to dream, to explore and to discover. It’s an opportunity to speak your ideas into the world; to receive feedback and encouragement; and to be supported as you identify next steps. It’s an opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the world; to share stories; and to make plans. And it’s absolutely free!

Too good to be true? Not really. I was inspired to set the project up after hearing publisher Mark Allen say that ‘daring to dream’ is something we can all do, but many of us fail to follow through because as soon as we allow ourselves to dream, ‘doubts and fears’ pop up and scupper the dream before it’s been given a chance to take hold. Dare to Dream is about acknowledging the dream and then dealing with the doubts and fears, allowing the dream to take shape.

You are a good fit for this programme if:

  • You have a dream (or a goal, an ambition, a plan)
  • You want to find a way to put your talent and passion to good use
  • You are frustrated, anxious, impatient about getting started
  • You want to take action, but are afraid to jump
  • Your dream is real but it feels out of your reach.
  • The more you dream your dream, the further away it seems
  • You want to find a better way of living your life

And did I mention Dare to Dream is free! No catch. No charges.

The programme comprises three sessions – two group sessions and a one-to-one coaching session. It’s all online via live interactive video conferencing, so you can join from the comfort of your own home or office. I use a blend of coaching, mentoring and teaching to create a space for insight – that special place where you can find clarity, direction and peace of mind.

Dream about what you want to be, or do, or have … Explore ways of tackling your doubts and fears … Discover who you really are.

Hit the contact button below, or email me direct – liz@liztaplin.com – to find out more

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