When Lightening Strikes…

Funny how inspiration or insights suddenly pop into our heads and how lightening can strike to make an idea or issue seem so obvious in an instant. And funny how we are sometimes given several different signals before we have that moment of inspiration that provides us with the clarity we are seeking. I had such a moment not long after I began coaching…

I had been reflecting on how I should present the basic principles I hold in respect of my coaching philosophy. So many thoughts, so many positive messages to share. How best could I explain the situation? Out of nowhere, three worlds collided (in a calm sort of way) each giving me the same very clear message.

Signal One: Through my work in initial teacher training I had become an ardent supporter of an approach to teaching physical education known as Sherborne Developmental Movement. The SDM approach recognises that every human being has two basic needs: to develop an awareness of self and awareness of others (and the ability to develop relationships with others).

Signal Two: Some time ago I participated in The Journey, a week-long leadership programme run by Embercombe* (an organisation based in Devon – more about this in a future blog). The Journey has at its heart what is referred to as The Twin Trails which considers leadership of self (awareness of self), followed by leadership of (awareness of) others.

Signal Three: Then I read Jamie Smart’s Results* – an enjoyable book and one where the author suggests there are three steps towards achieving the results we desire. Firstly, we need grounding (awareness of self). Secondly, we need impact (awareness of others). Thirdly, (and maybe not quite so important in terms of this post) leverage and our commercial transformation.

Three clear signs, hitting me from different directions, at different times and in different ways, all with a very similar message. Finally, the message hit home and I made the connections. The universe does that for us! My coaching is about creating and holding the space for the client to have their own insights allowing them to find the way forward. And it nearly always has something to do with an awareness of self (for example: identity, confidence, resilience and much more); or awareness of others (for example: leadership, networking, relationships, strategy and much more). If we get these basics right, we have a strong platform on which to build and a secure place from which to navigate the way forward.


Embercombe. www.embercombe.org

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